by Gregory Obis

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This EP was made in the Jennings Recording Studio at Bennington College in the winter of 2012.

Thank you to my Mom & Dad, my brothers, Nick Brooke, Julie Last, Scott Lehrer, Kitty Brazelton, Allen Shawn, Peter Reale, Jo-Anne Hyun, Alex Doyle, Justin Gowen, Bobby Delanghe, James Alexandropolous-McEwan, Colleen Burns, and Brad Dematteo.


released May 19, 2012

All songs written by Gregory P. Obis.
All songs engineered, mixed, and mastered by Gregory P. Obis.
Guitars, Bass, Vocals: Greg Obis (except on "Please")
Drums: Peter Reale (except on "Please")

Album art by Gregory Obis.
Banner by Clyde Rastetter.



all rights reserved


Gregory Obis Bennington, Vermont

Gregory Patrick Obis is a musician, engineer, songwriter, composer, and generally a pretty alright guy.

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Track Name: Lightness
In my winter coat I found
Some old photo's kickin' round
From Chicago, New Years Eve,
Fourties, Whiskey, still naive

At a party on the Northside
I didn't really like you, I didn't really mind,
But sometimes feelings never die,
Love like weeds are fed with rye.

I've let some lies slip
Through my pursed lips
Worse, I never said:
I'm sorry.

On the roof was where I lied
To myself and your dough eyes
All of the truth that I kept
In the sheets of my twin bed.

Red cup, Black Dress
Secrets kept
From the world and
From myself.
Track Name: Please
You say
That God made winter days
For whiskey and for sleep
In concrete's cold caress;
The warmth of guts
Makes one depressed.

And after all this time,
I'll only ask you please,
but you'll just shrug it off

After you wake up
An IV in your arm
You've all but given up
When snowflakes start to swarm.

Well maybe God made sons
To keep their fathers sober.
Track Name: Violent Silent
Brother, can't you see
The way your words arrest me?
I get no sleep
Every time we speak.

We miss you back at home
Through static of a voicemail tone
And you tell me that you found God;
That makes me so happy.

You slowly drifted away,
Locked in the basement everyday.
You saw every pattern.
You had every answer.
Lost in the grief
Of your own pastiche.

Mother told me 'bout
Your visions when you flipped out;
How when you were detained
A broken house was all that remained
When you laid down in the street,
Clouds at your feet.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Don't be so melodramatic.

And when your arms
Did cross with mine
I forgot
About the times

That your eyes were red
And vacantly staring
Cross the spine of a bible
With your psyche just tearing

And Brother, can't you see
The way your words arrest me?
I get no sleep
Every time we speak.

And when the house was silent
A broken mind was firing so violently,
Laying in the street.
Clouds at your feet.
Track Name: Farewell to Arms
Farewell to Arms, I'm goin home
to see my friends and take my throne,
the war is won and I will see you later.

I'm headin' towards the setting sun
to drink a beer and melt my guns
the money's spent, and I will see you later.

And I will swerve back through the plains
with any strength that still remains
the books are burned, and I will see you later.

And if our paths don't intertwine,
remember us on the frontline
when we both pass, then I will see you later.